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I feel so useless. I joined a group yesterday and they asked me to introduce myself with a picture. I don’t really snap a lot. So the only picture I had to spare was one with my hand covering some part of my face. Immediately I sent it they called me a monkey. And all I could do was apologise. Ever since last night, I haven’t really gotten myself to do anything. I’ve been trying to let go of these same feelings for a long time now but that singular act just made all of them come rushing back. I’m not really good at pouring out my feelings so I trust ya’ll here. I really don’t know what to do anymore🤧

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Simran @st1199

Honestly, someone or the other will judge you and make fun of you. That doesn’t mean you have to take it to your heart and feel bad about it. Just be over it and ignore them. You have to deal with all these your whole life.
It’s better to learn now than feeling the same again and again at every stage.


Thanks. Really needed this

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Avi @avi

When someone mocks me like this, I generally share an actual bizarre picture of mine, so that they can laugh even more.
In life, there would come a lot of people, some will make fun of you, some will mock jokes about you, some will find you silly.
But some will find this as a quality of yours, that you don’t take these mocks too seriously and you yourself laugh them off. Make this your quality, not a habit.
Trust me, people will start respecting you. Because you are helping them smile, which nowadays most of us have forgotten how to 😊


Thanks a lot


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