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I feel so sad.
When you don’t have a family who is supportive l.
Your parents don’t support you in anyway at a very young age.
I under perform in everything.
I’m just waiting to be independent and live separately.
I always stay positive but it’s very difficult to live in a negative environment.
But when nobody is there for you god is always there.

2 replies

It’s not about God being there. It’s about YOUR hard work. People with underprivileged backgrounds have made it to the top. And I’m guessing you have most of the facilities. Yes, we all want to break free, be independent, but that doesn’t mean leaving everything behind and forgetting your responsibilities. Being independent essentially means being responsible.


This is totally my situation. Being optimistic in a truly pessimistic environment is whole new different task. Each day you just want to get over all this, blame yourself for the bad things you did tha god put you in such a place. We need to understand that parents are not always right. Abusing your child and hitting them doesn’t define the child’s ability to do things in any way, it makes us see the parent’s mentality. Expecting too much from your child and over burdening them with all those notions that have now become a legacy on this society is not good . A child can develop suicidal thoughts while growing up due to such incidents. Atleast believe your child that even he/she wants to do something better in life and make the parents proud. Give them space to breathe. And realising each day no one is truly yours but there is God for you. No one might listen to you or is interested even a bit or even you share with them anything they are always letting you down making you regret that why you opened up with them. Turning every talk and a joke into lecture is not good. I hope parents understand this .You may have 101 trust issues but always trust God. Nobody may trust you but God will always trust you. He knows your actual worth . He knows about your pure soul. He knows you are not bad and selfish like what everybody thinks. He will be always there was you when no one else will be.


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