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I feel so sad tonight, maybe it’s because of my mood swings. I overthink a lot and I am now thinking about my boyfriend that wants to have a closure with his ex-girlfriend and sometimes he thinks a lot about her, just because I’m not with him, He told me that and he still now getting over (6 Years relationship) and we are 1 year. I can’t help myself. Sometimes, I make a “what if’s” questions I’ll ask to my boyfriend. And I always think, what should I do? Am I selfish if won’t let him talk to his ex-girlfriend? Or I’ll let him? Because if I let him, maybe if he sees that girl again, maybe his feelings for her will come back.

By the way, we are in long distance relationship, so since pandemic COVID-19, we can’t see each other. Only video chatting.

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You dont need to suffer ! just try to live with this kind of situation ! take care of yourself that the most important thing in the world just love yourself make a priority ! and talk honestly with him about your feelings . If u want someone talk with , i will give u my instagram user


I don’t know what relationship you two have and I don’t have the right to tell you what to do, but I will give you my advices. You need to decide for yourself because at the end of the day you will live with that decision, not me.
You deserve a man who is 100% dedicated to you, a man whose thoughts are about you, not about his ex. If he is happy with you, what reason does he have to try to have a better friendship with her? You are more important. What you feel is a normal reaction, you have every right to be sad and have doubts about what he said. You are not selfish. It’s not fair to you to be in a relationship with a person who didn’t get over his ex. Yes, it was a long relationship, but he should have stayed alone until he was completely over it.
I say to let him do what he wants and don’t try to force him to do anything. You tell him: “I trust you, babe, it’s your choise, you can do it if you feel that”. Don’t let him see that you have doubts, show him that you have confidence in yourself, even if you don’t. Talk to him in a mature way and see what he feels. When something is forbidden to us, we become irritated and we want to do that thing even more. We don’t like to feel like someone control us. And even if you tell him not to go, he can still go without telling you. So what is the point?
You deserve to be happy, don’t forget that! Make the right decision for yourself. If you are ok with this situation, it’s ok then. If you are not, please do something, even if it is a hard step to take.
I hope I helped you a little. If you more help, please tell me.


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