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I feel so lost, daddy was a little bit naive, mommy was a theft. I never had a family. I hide behind my hair most of the time. its hard for me to remember who i once was. but i cant seem to remember. but being alone and only having music most of the day is the best life gets when youre in a group home. once night comes demons enter every child and we have to fight. many of the kids tend to try to hurt you even if you did nothing wrong. im trapped most of my life. the only time i feel more alive is when im living in a fantasty world where nobody cares about how you look or what you do. what people have done to me wasnt fair. my heart as a little girl had grown too fast. i didnt have innocence. pictures in my mind keep me locked up in my past. I feel like i am a broken girl. I feel like i have nothing.

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