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I feel so lost and alone I cannot even begin to explain… it’s hard to find the words. I constantly feel drained. Then last night, the guy who had confessed his feelings a week ago blocked me, since I asked for time to figure things out. The thing thats funny is that he said he’s willing to wait and he won’t rush me. Yet he ran. Just like every other person has done so in my life. It really drained my energy… I’m so tired of these fake promises from people and then their abandonment. If you’re not able to stick around, don’t say you will. If you can’t show up when I need you, don’t lie and say you’re there for me whenever. I deserve better than to be treated like I’m nothing. Anyone else going through anything similar that they can relate? .-.

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You know the main problem is you believed and got attached with his words before even him trying to win you over and someone who really loves you will give you space and the one with different intentions will run away men show their love like this if a guy really loves you he will love you and if he doesn’t he will obviously run away thank God that dude ran away by himself… Always remember rejections are god’s protection

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Raza Khan @thegentleguide

I’m really sorry to hear that but that man truly isn’t worth you if he leaves you when you ask for time. Don’t entertain him and prioritize yourself. You’re not alone, try and be positive even though it’s difficult.


This happened with me too, I can understand that you are also dealing with loneliness. Are you ok now?

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Hang in there dear. You will overcome this. You probably know him just for a week right or perhaps he confessed just a week back ? Then do you really think he deserves so much of your mind space? Is it worth it.

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Gagandeep K. @gagandeep_ka...

Hope you’re doing okay

I can understand it’s difficult to process all of this especially when you were not expecting things from your end to happen but they happen anyway and gives you hope.

And when you try to hold on to that hope or looking forward to it. It just vanished.

Just like if you’re a kid and someone gave you their you that you can keep without even for you asking for it in the first place and then comes the other moment asking for it back.

It’s even difficult when you don’t even get a closure for that.
I don’t know exactly what you’re facing but if you want to connect further, you can reach out to me as I’m a practicing Counselling Psychologist.

Take care.

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Kyojuro_Rengoku @modern_sprout

You treat him like an option

Then he proves, that he is the real chooser.


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