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Olivia @honestly

I feel so lonely I have no bf and after cheating on my ex I just feel like I have no one. I apologized to him and wasn’t expecting us to get back together after I broke up with him then I just miss him and he won’t even speak to me I just want to be friends that’s all. also I have no friends , no bf it’s like am on a island and everybody’s their but I feel like a burden an outsider like I don’t belong their.

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Sanket @sanket

Don’t you think it’s fair for you to be feel alone & sad after all the fun you had with your BF and the other guy? It is the karma that is hitting you back. Learn something from this and keep it in mind always.

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Don’t worry…things will turn around!! Stay positive.

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RoChan @restingrony5

Hey… Don’t worry… Everything will turn out fine…🤞🏻 You cheated… You felt bad so you apologized… You missed him… that’s all okay…
This shows how generous you really are… atleast you didn’t become one of those psychics…ready to cheat on another?
It’s okay… Give some time you yourself… everything will be back where it was used to be…and about friends… You can find one…here…or on any other platform…
And you can start with me😉😛 if you’re okay with that😂✌🏻✨💞…
(Don’t worry everything Will be okay🤞🏻)

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RoChan @restingrony5

Absolutely not…
But… When it comes to my own self… If you really feel that bad for yourself…
As you say wrong is wrong…
It simply means that you don’t want to move on…
As… You said he don’t even speak to you… That’s the result of your wrong…
So stop thinking about it… And it’s better you too nice on… Cause being in any kinda relation with your ex…is like reading a book when you already know what happens at the end🤷🏻‍♂️…
It depends on you totally✌🏻

Olivia @honestly

I would love to talk

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RoChan @restingrony5

Ohh great…so we can talk😉😂?

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. @somesortofpanda

Ignoring the cheating part, I can feel how it is to be lonely and have no one to talk to. If you want, you can talk to me

Olivia @honestly

yes please

. @somesortofpanda

Hey! How are you feeling ??


Toxicity at it’s level best. You cheated him and it was you who broke up . Now you want him as a friend. 🤦🏽‍♂️


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