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I feel so lonely and judged all the time. Whatever I share with my husband later he will bring it up in a fight. Simple things like while learning how to drive I told him that my driving learning session was so good today apart from one mistake where I didn’t judge one pothole properly. After 4 days when I was driving in a practise session he started giving me instructions on how to drive (while he also is learning) and said you make mistakes that’s why you can’t drive properly and your skills are questionable. Meanwhile the driving teacher told me that I drive really well. This is just one example. I feel like whatever I say will be held against me.

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Avtar @avtar

Okay, in one comment its not easy to taught you that how to tackle the situation but yes we may connect if you want check my profile.
Now for your post- Before starting anything, like thinking or saying or doing anything about anything, you should be very much clear about the results of your actions
As you all know that if I did this thing or said this or started this thing, then what is the matter of love or love in the coming time after a few days What can be interpreted, so use your alphabets keeping all those things in the way, so that you will be able to handle your upcoming conversation well when you prepare your floor in advance knowing that if I If you can say this answer from the front, then you will be ready to face that answer beforehand.


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