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I feel so lonely and empty these days. And i find myself overthinking a lot and craving validation. I feel quite stupid to be so hung up about it but i cant help it. Like right now i feel upset that no one is replying my messages. I keep staring at my phone willing to a mesage to come in so that i can just talk to someone. I feel so lonely. Was i being too annoying? Rationally i know they might be busy, but it still upsets me anyway even though i know it shouldnt. I thought about making friends on twitter, and i did try. But i found it so hard to interact, to keep a convo going without it being awkward. And when i do try and fail, and get no interactions in return, it upset me. im too focused on the notifications icon. And when a certain post of mine doesnt get traffic i get sad, like maybe no onesaw it? Am i basically just invisible? Did i say sometjing that offended them, something they didnt like? Something no one cares about? And because of it these days i feel like talking to people - making actual conversations are not worth it if all i get in return is disappointment. Like why bother?

I feel so stupid that small petty things have the power to make me feel so shitty about myself.

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Shashidhar @shashidhar117

Hii buddy!!
I am here.
You can talk to me

Shashidhar @shashidhar117

I read post fully, you need a good friend and nice convo with a cup of coffee. You are absolutely normal dear.
Don’t over think. We all here to talk.


Really u are a nice person

Shashidhar @shashidhar117



Because I saw u helping some people ,I saw your name in other comment box ,u doing great buddy ✌️✌️

Shashidhar @shashidhar117

Thanx bruh!! Just helping out people


Hello my frds , must be cool and listen to music and play with animals , because I have the same problem , I feel alone always ,I don’t have a true gud frds buddy , if u need anything to share we all are here frds ,u can share what u want to me buddy ✌️✌️


I am here…
We can talk…


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