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I feel so empty like there’s a piece of me that is missing. I don’t know what to feel, this is so weird.

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Hey u need a therapist in your life


Is that so?


Hi! Firstly, let me reassure you - this is such a common feeling. Everyone, including and especially the people you think have the most vibrant social lives feel lonely often. Loneliness can create more loneliness. For example, loneliness can make you feel like you don’t fit in, which only makes it harder to reach out. This might seem to confirm that you really don’t fit in, which can make you feel even lonelier. Loneliness can be difficult, but it’s still just a feeling. It can be changed. When you challenge feelings of loneliness or start to make changes in your life, the cycle of “loneliness thinking” starts to break down.
So - congratulations on the first step! You have challenged and put forth your feelings.

I would encourage you to find the answers to these questions, and perhaps get back to me on this forum if you want to chat more.
-Ask yourself why you feel lonely.
-Avoid comparing yourself to others.
-Give yourself time, especially during big changes (COVID is taking a toll on everyone)
-Find a way to take advantage of time you spend alone.

Furthermore, with your own social connections:
Build the relationships you already have in your life by staying in touch with people, cultivating more meaningful relationships and building family relationships.


I’ll keep this in mind. Thank you :)


:( i really saw myself when i read it. i always feel useless and empty just when i look at the sky i can feel smt. nice. there is a eternal darkness inside of me just like space and i feel drowning but i like it (mostly). hey, if u wanna talk in instagram lemme know ;)


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