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I feel so drained, i feel so alone, and all I want is my mom and she’s gone…

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Mohit Sharma @mohitms


I can’t fathom your pain but whenever in a rut these things help:
1. Brain is the enemy: Mind always fu*** things up, whenever feeling down i try to zoom out and check from third person perspective. What our mind needs is that it wants to make us numb so that mind doesnt have to do the heavy lifting. I just take a long breath and see what things are in my control and what are not.

2. Present is only thing we have: Past has already happened and by thinking in the past we are repeating to what happened to us and same thing we do when we think for future. Past is only for making us remember our loved ones and good times. How to stay in the present? Just see yourself from a third person persepective to what you are doing right now. Dont judge or feel bad for yourself. Just observe that’s how calmness comes for me.

3. Getting up early at 5: Everyone says getting up early is the key but I think what works for me getting up early is that i have time to think on what to do with my life, and complete any pending tasks such as exercise,reading.

Mohit Sharma @mohitms


Take care. And take a long 3 day sleeping challenge. That will reset your energy levels and you wont feel drained😉


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