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I feel so dissapointed with my family members and friends. I started a youtube channel and hoping that they would support me, but, no! They’re not. I ask my mom to share the link but she said that she is ashame of it. She told me that she would only do that if I already become famous. My brother is also like that, even worse, he ask me to pay if I want him to share the link. But, what about his debt on me? Did I ever force him to pay? No, never! But, I only ask him to share the link! About my friends, some of them would never believe that I’m going to be successfull. I HATE THIS!

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Amrinderpreet @youareimportant


How about trying to explain them how much efforts you have made and how important it is for you?
And try to wait for the results from the channel and see how things go. Just share it on your social media platforms that you have and wait for the response.


Well this might sound a bit different but why don’t you take it as a challenge. Promote your channel without the help of your mother and brother. That lesson would be sufficient to them!


Just create content and dont expect anything in return, also find the reason why you want to do youtube is it for money then i insist doing something else coz there are esier ways to earn money
Secondly, i also started YouTube a year ago made 4 videos and got demotivated bcz i was in it for money so noww i a year later i have improved myself in a way that i can document the process of my self developement and thats what i am going to do
Lastly, don’t expect others(family) to promote your videos because it will bring not more that 100 views and it wont matter in long term
Best of luck


This is going to sound wrong but never start YouTube.
First of all it’s hard to get famous. The quality of the video and sound has to be high, but the equipment is expensive. Editing takes ages.
And there isn’t even a guarantee that you will make it. It’s not just about you. You need luck. YouTube algorithm has changed. It’s hard to make it big. And when you do. You hate it. Not the people. But their stares.
Everything you do will be wrong in someone’s eyes. How long can you take it? Before it gets under your skin. Then there is the drama. Rumors. Can you really handle it?
The bad thing about being on the internet, you can’t get out. You can quit being any career. But not an influencer. People always talk. They never stop. Do you really want this? To be shamed and made fun of little things you never noticed.
Don’t be fooled by the masks they are wearing. Look at their hearts. I showed you a part of the dark side. Can you take it?
Success is not fame.
Success is not money.
Success is happiness.
Success is when you can say β€œI’m proud of myself”
Give it some thought. If you still wanna continue, than that’s enough for you to keep pushing. If you think you can deal with the pain do it. But remember. You have been warned. The internet is a maze with traps and no exits.
Money will buy you cars and houses. But will it buy you new friends? Will it buy you a trusting partner that you will never doubt? That’s all I have to say.


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