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I feel so bad. I’m always anxious about school. I beat myself up over school and I don’t have the motivation to learn anymore. I don’t even retain the lessons being taught to us as soon as classes end for the day, and I don’t understand most of the lessons. I feel overwhelmed, helpless and desperate. I don’t enjoy school. I don’t even remember the last time I genuinely had fun learning at school.

This is stupid and I feel stupid being so overly bothered by this matter. I’m just tired and done with school. I feel dumb.

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You need to calm down (Seriously!!). This is coming from a person who sucked at studies in school (even branded “aimless” by teachers). Even I was not enjoying school. But let me today you something, as of today I hold Dual Degrees one in Engineering and the other in Law from none other than an IIT. So consider me as your future version when I say, “Things will fall in place as and when they are bound to happen”. Don’t beat yourself up, that will only make you question yourself and deprive you of the wonderful moments that you could still have (Incl. learning). As rightly said in one of my fav. movies Kung Fu Panda, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift.” Don’t waste it… Best of Luck, and be sure that you have a bright future.


Kindly ignore the grammatical errors!! Just understand the point.😄

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