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i feel so bad , i feel like i do nothing in this life absolutly nothing i am just living i wanna cry but i can’t i wanna screem as much as i can but i can cuz i think i will hurt people who love me ,always i think abt them , i am hurt pain really.
actually i used o talk with ppl i am not close but i don’t know how i can explain my problems,my feelings i used to share positive energy they think that i am happy but i am not they say that i am funny hhhhh .

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You are so strong! You took the first step and shared with us your feelings. Crying is absolutely okay, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Cry And get it out. I have something you can try, i want you to make your own self love kit where you will put everything you love or makes you happy. Could be a movie, fav book, face mask or your fav lipstick shade, a game anything. And the next time You feel sad you pick that box up and choose one thing from this. You are enough. You need to accept this.


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