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i feel so bad about myself. i am so bad at everything. i’m so lonely. even though i have a few friends i can rely on, i feel that they may feel annoyed if i rant to them about the problems i have. i also faced alot of friendship problems in my school. in addition, i also sucked at learning new things. i feel that i am so stupid, i don’t know anything and i learn very slowly. i really hope i can get rid of this negative thoughts… :(

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I made my first friend in life in 2nd grade. I didn’t have any friend before that so I had a pretty messed up childhood in those regards. When I grew up, I realised that quality always trumps quantity. If you have even 3 good and trustworthy friends, It’s better than having a group of 20 friends who don’t get you even a bit. So, it’s great that you do have a few friends to rely on. I would just say that I understand that when sharing our feelings, we do feel we are being a burden on someone else but your true friends will always understand. Give them that chance! :)

Also, I am here, we are all here to listen to you and be there for you! You are welcome to come and release your negative thoughts here anytime :) Take care! xx


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