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I feel so anxious right now, its like a sudden urge to talk to my ex, all the moments we had all the good times everything comes like a wave like a splash in my mind and that uncontrollable emotional thing comes up till my throat. Why is it so difficult to move on while he’s with someone else now, its more than a year since he broke up with me and I’m still trying to process everything, everyday is so heavy for me like i can’t.
We were each others first love and everything was just so beautiful so dreamy every first was so special, he just moved away found someone else and started getting away from me.

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Think about why guys broke up in the first place n clam yourself n think if u really wanna talk to your ex
R u just feeling lonely


Broke up with me he found someone else he said he got bored with me when we were together from 4 years and now he is bored and told me he loves someone else on TEXT, didn’t even come up and had a conversation face to face, am i that worthless that he won’t show up, its been more than a year now 😭


You are totally worthy but the thing is he is not able to see that he just replaced you which he will regret later u focus on ur life ik it’s hard but being happy and successful makes the people who left you feel bad for leaving a wonderful person


Hey sweetie it’s okay, you feel like that because you were so attached to him but now that he’s gone give time to yourself talk to your friends engage with your family do things what you like give yourself the care you wanted from him at moments you will have a need for someone but after sometime you will realise that you are better without him


First step to moveon is to cut off all sources of contact with that person
And then
Makeup your mind
If you left him or he left you
There’s definitely a valid reason
Plus he’s clearly moved on.
Just give up the β€œgetting back together” phase and socialize with others.
Get busy with your life.
What’s yours will find you.
You are amazing !


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