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I feel so angry. I feel like no one cares all my friends never contact me first. I feel like an idiot and the only one who’s trying. yeah we send each other memes all the time but I’m the one who really talks to the other person. I feel like if I stopped no one would even try to talk to me and I’ve done it once for a week and no one did. It’s like I’m the only one who cares.

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Im so glad i found this! i am literally going through the EXACT same scenario! My friends dont talk to me properly and whenever im around they exclude me from whatever theyre doing, to such an extent that they even start talking in a new language they created all by themselves and left me out of it. and the worst part is that we have been friends for about 10 years now. My evenings are completely ruined becuase of them because everytime its the time of sunset i remember that i dont really have friends. But you want to know what i did ? the way they excluded me, i excluded them from my life. These kind of relationships are often termed “toxic” you can research more about this online. so yup. i know this is really the hadest way to go but its really the best one. instead of spending time with them ive been spending the evenings of past 2 weeks exercising at home. you could do that or maybe do something else that you like. basically try to keep yourself busy so that you dont think about whats going on. and i’m telling you. the end product is going to be bomb: you just safely distanced a fake friend and got to improve ‘you’ thats just amazing!
Always here if you need any help or wanna talk about anything:)


I’m sad to hear your going through so much but glad that your strong enough to get past it. It’s just that I’m not that strong and I don’t want to lose them. their not bad people but I wish they just cared more.


Take that power away from them by learning to enjoy your own company. I know sounds a bit silly. But it works!
I did the same. I was so upset with my friends felt almost as they don’t care. So I distanced myself from them. Saw videos like below on youtube:
(Check it out it may help you.)
I eventually learnt that I am so full of my own problems that didn’t realize they all must be having something or the other going on in their life which they might not be telling me. So now they don’t appear selfish to me in fact they are as lonely as I am at times. Then I learnt how to enjoy my own company. I watch my favorite show, start singing or dancing randomly. I write diary when I feel to heavy or come to this platform to talk to my fellows.
Now if I am left alone, I know how to spend my time without getting bored.
As a meme lover, I laugh at memes and keep sharing it with my friends because I feel that might cheer them up if they are having a tough day. It doesn’t bother me anymore whether they react or not. You don’t have to limit your interaction to certain bunch of people it creates a lot of expectation from them. I occasionally get in touch with my old friends, colleagues, relatives so I don’t feel that I am being completely antisocial. That helps me keep in touch with my long lost friends. It’s hard to make the first move but once you have a good conversation it’s worth it.
Hope this helps. 🤗


To be honest I feel the same like everyone has their own lives and are busy so maybe that’s why they act like that? and that I need to be more involved with myself. I still like them and don’t wanna cut things off completely.


Yes probably. Don’t take it too hard. See once you will be involved in other things (be it learning something new, meeting new people, working on a project), you will have a life outside them. So it won’t bother you this much because you won’t have time to bother about it.
It does feel good trust me. It brings balance since you have something that is completely yours and doesn’t require others.
You will notice you won’t be hurt anymore by every small actions of theirs. There will be only good vibes between you and your friends.
Cheers! 😊


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