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I feel so alone and hopeless. I wish whatever happened would not have happened. I see only bad things in my past. I don’t remember any memory which I can cherish. I don’t know why God had done this with me. I am a total broken person, no one can fix me. No matter I try it or not, I don’t feel like being happy and satisfy again. I’m in my own zone. I am accepting my life like this. I don’t want anything now. I gave up on everything and everyone now.

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Aarohi @_aro_hi_

What happened? You can connect with me nd share what bothering you , never loose hope , life is very uncomfortable anything can happen.

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Raghav @r4gh4v

Hey, it’s alright… we all feel this way… Everyone grows at their own pace… You don’t know what in the future… so don’t loose hope…Talk to people and help will come for sure… good luck…


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