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I feel so alone…again…

I used to feel so alone and detached to the world. I always feel that no one can understand me. I tried blending in with the world around me but it just doesn’t seem working.

I come to a point where I am trying to survive and merely living, when I constantly worries about the roof above my head, the little food I can provide myself. And when the opportunity came which I thought would ease my worries away. Oh God I’m so wrong.

I was tempted with the moments of comfort that felt so preciouse that I jumped in. Never knowing what kind $h!t I stepped on.

I’ve been living my life like watching blur movie and constatly asking what is going on. I feel nobody loves me. It feel so aweful to point I don’t even know how to love myself.

I just want to feel being love. Is it too hard for the people around me to do that? I feel like death seems an easy way to go but then I’m wondering if it will really ease my suffering.

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Hi! Please don’t try to blend with the world around you. Please be exactly who you are and I am sure the right people will come into your life. You don’t need to change you or your preferences just to be accepted or understood by the people around you. If those people don’t get you, that means that you are surrounded by the wrong people- and it’s not your fault. I’d say, try to understand yourself better. Figure yourself out. Get to know who you are. It will really help you in making better friendships and relationships in life since it will guide you and tell you which relationships are good for you and which aren’t. It’ll guide you whether you should be entertaining certain people or not. Once you start focusing on your inner self, that feeling of watching a blur movie will go away and you will start seeing things clearly. All the best.


Try understanding urself n live in own way not being worried abt the world.


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