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Self Love Trigger Warning

I feel sad today. Because im thinking/remebering about my past. And the story about my past is that I was sexually assaulted. I don’t want to say who, well because im afraid that people will think its weird. The person who sexually assaulted me was my own brother. Because of what happened I started hating myself. I even started cutting myself and thinking about suicidal thoughts. I was only 9 or 10… But little by little I started loving myself because it wasn’t my fault that it happened. So I want y’all to know that you ARE worth it. You ARE important. Please be strong. If i did it, then you can too. I love you.

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So what? You have been sexually assaulted? Come on girl. You are stronger than this! Don’t get me wrong. I have been too. It was the most pitiful 3 years of my life that almost made me end it. But I didn’t do it. Do you know why? Because I’m not going to let my hard past define my future. I’m not going to let it hurt me no more. Because if I cut myself one more time, I hurt my loved ones as well. They care for me yet I mistreat myself for something I wasn’t in control of??? I am not giving them a reason to worry about me anymore. Because I made the change and I’m proud of it. And I’m still making change. I want you to make that change even bigger. I want you to feel proud of yourself. People will admire the change you made and you will motivate them to do the same. Help others by helping yourself first. Share your story. Don’t be afraid. Show them what you are made of and show them they can do it too. Because little do you know, someone really needed the thing you said to them. You will give them the push they need. And someday they will help you with something else. Good actions get rewarded. Even if you don’t see it. Get stronger to make others want to be strong as you. Let that be your motivation


You are truly an good person.
I appreciate you buddy


Heyyyy girl it’s okay sometimes someday we think about our unhappy past but don’t let your thoughts be heavy on you keep yourself busy. you’re so strong i am happy that you moved on you’re so precious worthy kind and loving. Love ya hope eternal happiness and success for you and a bright future for you❤️❤️❤️


Hey jem ,
You are the bravest girl I had seen ever in my life. Salute to you buddy.
Mostly I appreciate your effort because you are inspiring other’s by sharing your own value inspite of feeling ungrateful.
So sweet of you , I knew you are an great girl such as every good person needs in his life.


yaar ye koi baat nhi hoti … u love yourself is good and important as well … but at the same point you should know that you are what you are and you need to know that u r the only one who is going to fight foe your own rights in your life…he was your brother and he don’t know his duty … his heart is no listening to his brain… and his brain is not at right place… at least take a stand for it and start to fight against it… he should know what has he done and should be punished for that as well… i know that he is your brother but he is not acting as a brother in your life … he is not protecting you… at the same point he is making you more uncomfortable … u should do something… if cant reply me i will give you my insta… i will handle for that for shure