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I feel…sad, hurt, alone, ugly…I can never feel happy, excited, loved, beautiful.
Why am I so negative to myself, why do I always bring myself down…why can’t I just be happy, I hate everything about my body and personality.
My friends used to tell me they loved me, that I was beautiful,
My friends used to hug me and gave me a reassuring smile,
My friends used to be there for me…but where are they now.
Now…there is no one that reassures me that I will be okay, no one is there to hug me and tell me that they love me…that I am perfect how I am. I am dealing with this depression myself, it’s already hard as it is, it’s harder to keep my head up you know. I need you back in my life…

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Hi how are u today? Feeling negative about yrself is v commom and very much human! Whenever u feel negative or ugly… Just remember there are 1000’s out there who are handicapped or ugly! Many who have no roof over them… So you are blessed🙏… Every negative has a positive… In rains there is a rainbow so cheer up. And life is beautiful. There must be at least 2_3 people who really love you. U know my cat really misses me when I am away… Yea . I feel my family dsnt love and they feel I don’t love them… So maybe I don’t show it. Or am so negative about life I am missing out on their love.


Sorry if u hAve to go through that.hope u will feel special again when ur with us😊…

(U r not wht u r saying u r…ur unique and kind and that wht makes u beautiful :)!!!)

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Pankaj Kumar @crazyguy3495

Hey buddy honestly we are humans flawed actually we never get perfect we can just learn things sometimes we learn quickly and sometimes it take so much time and don’t worry about body and personality or anything you can improve your personality that is in your hands and about happiness look find your inner happiness it will never leave you once you get it so don’t worry and it is just a period where you felt these things and I think you are special because no one is like you so enjoy it and it is enough for you to stay happy


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