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I feel sad and exhausted.

I made an effort putting on my makeup. To look good as possible as I can. Tryna pull off this white plain polo shirt for our moving up ceremony. They said I have to wear white, put my hair in a bun and take a picture with a white background. I tried so hard to find ways but now that I did find ways to do everything, I needed someone to take a picture of me. It’s just heartbreaking sometimes when you have to ask for your sister’s phone cuz ur phone isn’t able to capture good quality pictures, altho her’s isn’t that good too but mine’s worse tho. I asked them kindly to take a picture of me cuz I just couldn’t do it alone. I don’t even have that thing (I forgot what its name) where you put ur phone in a stand and I also have to climb up to reach the white background so another reason to ask help from someone else. I was hoping for their cooperation but then I just feel like I don’t want to do it anymore because of their reaction, it’s like I’m just a burden and feel like I’m just wasting their time cuz they would complain every seconds so I had a breakdown. Now I don’t have a picture and my makeup is a mess. Sometimes, I would wish to graduate soon and move out from them. I’m just fcking tired. Even if I have to work in another city I would gladly do it. Cuz it’s not just from school where I would get stress, it is mostly about my family. I’m done.

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Vinayak @nji8

I understand this happens to me as well. Just Try to look on a brighter side.

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Kenil Shah @k3nil

try moving out from limited time with either friends or complete strangers; maybe on a small trip! And see if things still remain same! If they do so, you got to dwell deep within yourself and figure out things, and all will fall in place!


I understand your feelings… I was an ignored child… to top it up… I didn’t have the kind of beauty society appreciates… my family would make fun of me if I tried to look good or put on make up. This really affected me all my life.
It broke my self confidence. Even I tried living away from my family for like 4 years!
Did it help me?
To an extent it did… Learnt a lot about myself and realised I can be loved, I can be liked for who I am… but it took many years to find such people who accepts me the way I am. Today I don’t need anybody’s validation… I love myself the way I am

You know while I was away from my family, I mastered the art of taking selfies with back camera… even before selfie stand was invented!
I took my own photos and I am proud of it!

Hope my story helps you🤗

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Vishal @cobainxx

Hey it’s Alright. Don’t care about them too much just think about yourself you should be happy and mentally into the moment fuck them yaar.
Who are they to judge you or to comment on you no-one in this fking world has this right to do so. Just remember one thing you’re beautiful and everyone is. <3


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