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I feel really weird, I either have a big/normal appetite or a very small one, almost every meal I’ve had these last two days have felt way too big, and I couldn’t finish them. I started off my morning by crying because I didn’t feel like getting up and I start crying at random times for like 30 secs then back to normal. I don’t know whats happening to me mentally, but its not fun anymore.

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What you are going through must be very hard and there is absolutely no shame in eating small portions. Whatever you are comfortable with is what you should be doing. I would suggest you eat smaller portions on larger plates more frequently. Try to stay away from greasy food and when eating, eat your favorite meals and prepare something that smells good and smells nice!! PLEASEEE give it some time and DON’T stress it.
It is ok to cry sometimes but be sure to tell someone (close friend or family member) about your situation and if you feel like this becomes a daily routine and that is getting out of hand please go to someone professional.
I hope everything goes well and works out and I wish I could help you more :( but have a great day and remember to drink lots of water :)


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