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Chiku @chiku

I feel really sad today. SUSHANT SINGH RAJPUT a versatya actor and a very nice person always wearing a smile on his face committed suicide. Friends there are times when you were at your weakest,but you battled all alone and survived!!
The day when you fell a thousand times and there was no one to hold you back
The day you regretted missing those opportunities.
It was the day you decided giving yourself all the love and pamper.
That you knew you deserved ALWAYS.
It was the day you discovered that if you had the calibre in you to be back from hell with a smiling face.then you have had all in YOU, ALWAYS!
NOT GIVING UP AND FIGHTING UNTIL YOU SUCCEED , that’s my love is COURAGE whose utmost source is YOU.
JUST SPEAK UP ,SHARE ,we all do this together friends.

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