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I feel really disgusted, I get this feeling often where I think I move on way too quickly like if I sense even a little amount of disinterest, I drop my feelings right there. I don’t know if it’s normal or good or bad or healthy or what…I don’t even know if I’ll ever be able to love someone consistently and it just makes me feel really anxious and angry ugh

Post anonymously?

I think maybe you should find urself
Find the things u really like about urself n even wat u dont like

Self evaluation can make u understand wat u want in someone else


The feelings where we feel for some time (a day, hours) is called Infatuation. Everyone goes with that so not a big deal.

Now, when you feel the connection or the wavelength matching or similar interests and importantly you just get that click, you know it’s more than Infatuation. Give time to your feelings and talk to yourself is it leading somewhere or not. Do you want the other person to feel in the same manner? Do you feel you can have a relationship with him? Understanding your feelings is important to see where it leads.

I hope it helps! 😀


Hi, so like I take my time to know someone but this happens even when I feel things that are more than infatuation, I might be in love w someone for 6+ months but if i sense that slight amount of disinterest, I detach myself completely so like yeah you are correct, I might be judging my feelings wrongly


I don’t know, I just sound so confused and despise myself for feeling like that


What you do is. When you feel this way don’t just make up your mind by saying “Let’s get over it, I am not getting the vibe and all” rather just wait and ask after some days that is it really over or I made it over.

And if this thing happens when you are with someone then toh definitely give time to yourself and the person you are committed with.

Maybe you want to have new feelings for many people despite having one for a long time. In my opinion, this should be the case if you are not getting the same thing from that person. Otherwise, just process your feelings and I think for the right person you will stay. 💛


It’s okay if you don’t like something or someone. You’re not in a race to find your soulmate. What you should think about is how did you reach to the place where you start feeling nothing for a person.
Also , it’s not a mistake to be cautious and I envy that.
I wish you find all the happiness in the world.


Yes yes yes It’s normal i was like that i used just drop things there itself so i just went with the flow and realised yes this happens and this will continue you will learn to cope up