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I feel really alone in my relationship.

5 replies

Saurabh @saurabh

It’s ok to feel like that. When we don’t see the relationship as we imagined


I am a 90s kid , single till date

What I realized after years of understanding , those who loved me ; I was shy enough to accept

Those who I crush for , were too far beyond my bank balance & looks

Today I am judged for my bank balance , losing hairs and looks

Each one of us is imperfect , it’s just the lack of openness that kept me single , love the mind , fall in relationship with understanding , and partner to enjoy life together forever

And to all girls & boys , if you like anyone give a try , you never know what other person is going through … In this fake world

I hope Now&Me in future can transform into a platform to connect such souls

And finally never underrate I , Me & Myself :)

Gurjeevan @gurjeevan

You just need to get over it. Self love is the key.


Thank you so much for your responses everyone… Makes me feel better… Need to learn to love myself


we all do, from time to time. the question is, have you always felt that way? or do you think this might be a trying time?


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