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I feel numb. It’s like I don’t even feel anything other than anger and disappointment. My parents don’t really believe in mental illnesses and my friends are in a worse situation than I am. I don’t want to put another weight on their shoulders so I don’t really talk about it. This numbness has made me feel like I have no personality. It’s like I can’t make connections as deeply as others because there’s always a barrier blocking me from taking that step. Every night, I sit on my bed not being able to sleep because my mind is just flooded with thoughts.

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idkwhothisis123 @claudialister

i feel exactly the same. my sleep schedule is so fucked that im baso a bat at this point. just know that there are others that feel exactly the same and you are not alone. :))))


My parents don’t believe in mental illness either, if I talk to them all I get back is to “pull myself by the bootstraps”. There is no one to talk to as I mostly feel broken and a burden :(


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