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I feel numb I have always told people to stay away from psychiatrists but lately I have started crying for no reason , I feel ajeeb ajeeb

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Simran @st1199


Itโ€™s completely fine to feel this way. We do cry our hearts out and itโ€™s important according to me. We vent out our emotions, we feel light, we feel like we have let out something which was making our chest heavy, right?

Psychiatrists are not wrong and there is no harm in visiting them. If you feel you want one too, please go ahead. It will make you better and not worst, for sure!

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Sandeep @sandeep16


Itโ€™s okay to feel this way.Everyone at some point must face this, but we should put some efforts to make us better. I am here for you, to help you, to make you feel happy. Just feel free to share your thoughts.

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