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Alana @iloveusv

I feel myself falling out of love. I don’t know what to do, i have the feeling that he listens to what I have to say but doesn’t hear me (idk if that makes sense). I try so hard to keep him happy and when I freak out about something that I don’t like he says: “you’re always angry and unpleasant.” when I’m just trying to make him happy. I don’t know what I can gekke him to change his way of thinking

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I guess he is either not into you or interested in you anymore.

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Himanshu @jaggajasoos

Suno na kitna bhi annoying ho communication banaye rakho aur thoda maturity lao apne andar. Apna bhi kaam kia karo jo necessary hai din ka ek time rakho which is not about him. Jab apni poori life you’ll make about him to yahi dikkat hogi. Ignore na karo space do ek dusre ko thoda. Pyar ko panir banao dal chawal ki tarah roz roz khaogi to Pak jaogi. Aaj mile to pyar kia to kal kaam ki bhi tention rakho. Ek nazar life pe ek pyar pe rakhogi to usko bhi zada kuch ni takleef hogi na tumhe. Baki wo bhi at times mes khud ko khush rakh sakta hai it’s not fully your responsibility don’t become parasitically attached. Have a life for yourself and then add him to that life. Wo tumhare wajood se juda hai tumhara wajood nahin wo zaroori hai par tumse zada nahin. So do 70 for yourself and 30 for him that’s enough to sustain any relationship.

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