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I feel low and depressed
my husband blames me for everything yes i do mistakes but he abuses me

Post anonymously?

honey. leave that guy and stand up for ur self cause no one can do that better than u. he does not deserve u. i hope u end up in a better situation after some proper action. take care😀


when he do that try to just ignore him like he doesn’t even exist , and always keep calm


Babygirl, i know you are strong enough to go through this alright? hang in on there please. i know you may think that i am just another stranger telling its okay its gonna be fine and just go on with their life. But the truth is i really do know that you can go through this, mmm may i know how does he abuses you? mentally or physically or both? let it out, its rlly okay hunn. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️