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I feel lost so much…lonely and lost…i feel i don’t have any ambition…i don’t feel like doing anything…i am 28 yr old girl and my life feels so haywire …i feel lonely…

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This thought has been deleted by the thought author
This thought has been deleted by the thought author

It’s okay to not to have a perfect life. Relax … you can again start fresh. Until you think you can there is always someway to keep goin

Rishika @whateverrish


This is really common especially in our 20s. A common feeling is that others around us are pacing forward - getting married, going for higher studies, getting better jobs. But the truth is - we can only see the positives in others lives. Their struggles and mental health issues are invisible to us.

Please know that your feeling is something that is very normal ! And you may feel lost and lonely right now but this too shall pass. Remember that it can only get better from here :')

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Anisha @14lovinglyam


28 is not the end. See it as a new beginning maybe. Things change with time. It is bound to happen. Keep yourself open to changes. And if you think nothing’s working out, then just do something that you never thought you’d be doing. Like change your job, city, country or even something as small as a hairstyle.


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