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I feel lost. I’m only 15 and want to explore life.I saw about various entrepreneurs who learnt coding when they were just 9 or 12 years old but I started coding at 14. I think that I’ve started late. Please someone help me. I don’t know what to do now. I want to learn to code and become an entrepreneur.

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m s @mhs

It’s so amazing to see your passion for like. You’re never to old to start something new. And you really are young. What matters is that you’ve started. Keep giving it your best and you’ll do wonders eventually. The main goal is to keep pushing and achieving things along the way. Don’t give up. KUDOS TO YOU.

m s @mhs

For something you like*


Lmao I am 19 and I have not even started yet. I guess you are going perfectly fine.

Cindy @cyndi

Comparison is a thief of joy. At 14 I could barely even know my left from my right. So if I compare myself to you I would definitely be in tears.

So you see you are doing great!! Perfect even!! You have started a journey and it would always be at your own pace. Those people may have started earlier but they are not on the same path as you.


It’s fine
Even I started at 15 so relax…
Best of luck <3

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