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I feel like there is a lot to know about myself…
So recently I felt that ok so this is how I am , what i feel about something etc…but i also got to know that I am bad at talking at home. What I mean is …I am less talkative about how I feel at a particular moment, I feel like what will my sister think …or what will my maa say… .
And also, my way of speaking is bit harsh, but earlier when I started to change myself, I felt a burden is on me, everytime I say anything I need to rethink, i need to slow down my thinking process in my mind. And it’s not like I am like this everywhere, i speak freely at home, but when I step outside I speak differently, I mean formally and nicely.
I am not always harsh at home, I am bubbly by nature, if I stay silent my mother would say, Betu say something, whole home is silent because you aren’t saying anything.
So it’s not like I am always harsh, but yes at some point I am, i can’t understand either myself or my mood swings.
At one moment I feel happy at another i feel angry …
It’s so messy.

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Raza Khan @thegentleguide

Evaluate yourself. Whenever you react in a manner you don’t want to, ask yourself what is the reason I have reacted this way.
Writing it down also can help.

Next time, you’ll not behave in a similar way but change of behavior takes time as it is a part of our personality and personality can’t be changed instantaneously.


I’ll try 🙏


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