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I feel like shit. Everything in my life is so bad. I don’t have any friends. I’m an introvert and sometimes it gets so lonely. People tell me to make new friends but how can I. I don’t have people. Whatever people I had left me like anything. They left and I’m alone now. Just try to live each day happily but couldn’t. I feel so alone.

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And you have the MOST POWERFUL BACK with you
It’s you !!
Go out treat yourself
Have Ice-cream
Literally get yourself a day out.
#Aatmanirbharta is the new trend


Just talk to people yrr there are so many people who have similar situation like yours you can relate them ofcourse not everyone who you talk will be your friend but there will be some people who will listen your shit and stick together just start with A hii and see how it things go


I feel you… Have been going through something similar… It just feels everyday I will do something good, make friends, let someone know how I feel but as the day progresses its all the same routine like earlier… Nothing gives happiness anymore, life feels like a burden. Don’t be anxious just let it all out one day at a time… Try to treat yourself with something you know will make u happy and give yourself time… Think about yourself and not about others


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