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I feel like shit :)

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Heyy what’s wrong?


there are many things wrong with me, I don´t feel happy or motivated an any sort of way. I feel like all I am doing is worthless, I want to cry and let it out but I have no privacy and I hate going outside. I feel like no one cares for me and that I am not loved. I feel miserable


Hey dude I do care about you and your feelings just spit it out I’ll listen and for sure I’ll try to help you


I feel like whatever I do goes in vain.
I am just scared of finding happiness because I know it won´t last forever, I know they with get tired of me complaining, they will get tired of hearing my problems. When I say they I mean friends, I used to have a lot but they need up all leaving me, there was one particular friend that I miss so much that I had and I begged them not to leave me. She didn´t leave me but she hurt me yet I forgave her. She slowly started to hang out with me less and when she hanged with her other friends she looked happier with them than with me. I let her go and made more friends what it happened all again and again. Every friend I make always leaves me, we always start off good, and sometimes I find the courage to show the real me only to find out they think it´s annoying. I always have to put up with someone I am not and it hurts so bad. My chest always felt heavy. When I have to walk around people I feel like an outcast I feel disgusted and paranoid. Sometimes I lift my head up to look at people all happy with their friends and I start to break down because It reminds me of all of those fake people that claimed to be my friends. And I feel this stupid pain every day and I can´t do anything about it. I just can´t control my mind when I pass by because I start to judge myself or feel like others are starting at me, laughing and judging me.


I’m sorry dude I slept😅 see not everyone comes to our life to stay forever 🙃 that’s the harsh truth of life




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