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I feel like people at my work place think that I’m a little dumb because it takes a little while for me to understand a problem when they’re explaining it to me. They say things like “why are you so confused?” or “are you even understanding what I’m saying?”. I feel like everyone understands instantly whatever is happening but I have to take time to process the whole thing. Even I sometimes feel like I’m stupid and everybody don’t like it when they have to explain each thing to me. I get a little conscious and afraid that I must listen carefully so that I can understand each of the things they are saying and accordingly give my views. How can I know if I’m dumb or smart?

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I also take a lot of time to understand, need to go through as many times required to get it. But eventually that helped. Now I understand the process better than anyone else and I train all the new associates. N I give them enough time to engulf it.


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