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I feel like no one care about me.
You know when your mom doesn’t let you explain something, or don’t even listen to you well that how I am feeling right now. I feel like she doesn’t care about me. And my dad he never let me respond to him, you know a strict dad I have one, and it is hell. People feel like my problem is nothing, but let me tell you, it is big. I don’t write a lot, I actually talk more, but there’s no one to talk to right now, and my best friend I can’t tell her all this on the phone. You know quarantined so yeah. I would like a person to talk to, but not a parent.

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I just joined this site so I have no idea what the proper protocol is, but I’m definitely down to talk if you want to.


Cant explain here about my life but Since childhood I have suicidal thoughts… But overcame somehow…I’m married and have one daughter and loving husband but financial problems are not leaving us since marriage… I’m again into suicidal thoughts

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I think its normal for our brains to start thinking that way when things become increasingly grim. But its so important to negate those thoughts because they’re everything but helpful or productive. You gotta turn those thoughts around ASAP because as long as you’re following that train of thought, you’ll only spiral more and more downwards. I hate the saying “Fake it till you make it” but i can’t lie that its helped me. Faking a smile in the mirror actually does wonders. Try your best to stay positive and don’t lose hope. You mentioned having a loving husband, so perhaps he can help you better. I genuinely hope your situation improves.


Hi. I understand what you’re going through. My mom wasn’t a loving mother either. She would only say negative things towards me like “No man wants to marry a fat girl” and things like that. She drank because my dad was overseas when he was in the Navy. He didn’t know that she used to hit my sister and I when we were younger either and that upset him. He was strict as well, being an officer but he (luckily for me) was an emotional man and would explain why he was upset, he’d cry after he punished my sister and I and say that he loved us.

My mom on the other hand, didn’t hug me until I was 18. She didn’t tell me that she loved me until she was dying. I understand that its because she had struggled growing up (she was born in Japan in World War II).

My mom never wanted to hear if I had any struggles as I was growing up. She was adult, she had struggles too so mine weren’t even comparable to her problems. She wasn’t raised to nurture - she was raised to be an adult. That was the only way she knew how to raise children and that’s it. Am I okay with not being emotionally nurtured? Of course not. I think that’s very essential in a growing child but I understand her way of thinking.

The girl that you mention, if she is truly your friend, she will be there for you and hear you out. I wish that I had spoken to my friends when I was younger but I’m ugly when I cry! :D

I’m not a parent - fate has made it so I can’t have kids but I am married and as they say, boys never grow up! LOL but I do encourage him to still be playful, to want to play video and board games because it brings him enjoyment. My dad was also someone who never grew up.

My husband is there for me if I’m having a bad day, when I’m struggling emotionally as I am for him. He protects me when someone tries to hurt me. He stands up for me. He knows what its like to be judged, for people to be critical of him (he used to be a ballet dancer) and he doesn’t want that to be inflicted on me, his chubby wife and I’m there for him when he’s going through something tough.

It keeps us human; having connections. We also have friends who know that they can talk to us as well and we, as people, need that support and to give that support.

I suggest speaking to your friend, letting them know what you’re going through and also, be there for them if they need it because I’m sure that they too, may be going through a tough time (and not just with this pandemic)

Good luck.


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