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faiqa malik @malik_

I feel like no matter how hard i try i will never be good enough for anyone. And i am trying so hard to be someone that i am not that i have lost myself now.

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suraj kumar @008sr

Hey dear!! You’re are overthinking!! This life is too short to think like this!! Start loving yourself and be what you’re!! Be strong! And stay happy

faiqa malik @malik_

I have been told this.
That I’ll never be enough. And that there’s always something wrong i what i do even if i do it my best. And there’s always something negative that this person points out in me.
And all of this is coming from someone i love.
How would you feel if someone tells you this?

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suraj kumar @008sr

Relax!! And you know we should never give up! Just keep doing the good , this is life my dear


Why do you think that is true. Has anybody told you that, if no you can’t think about it this way. If you’re not sure, just ask your friend if you’re good enough. They should absolutely agree with these statement but if not their not real friend


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