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I feel like my boyfriend doesn’t love me anymore. He doesn’t call or text me and he’s acting like he doesn’t care. He’s 15 and I’m almost 15 too. Earlier we couldn’t talk much cause my parents don’t know about us and I didn’t have a phone. I recently got one and when I told him about it all he said was “cool”. Now he knows I have a phone but he still doesn’t text or call at all and we can’t meet because of the covid-19 pandemic. I love him a lot and don’t know what to do. I just feel lost.

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We’re in the middle of a pandemic, and a lot of us aren’t feeling our best, and are feeling really drained, to a point where even texting or calling a loved one feels like too much effort. You can give him his space, he’ll come around eventually. Or if you think it’s better, give him a call and let him know you’re there for him and would gladly listen to he wants to vent out or anything.


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