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I feel like I’ve got the world on my shoulders ☹️ sucks to be me right now! My 14yr old has got himself into a bit of a situation ( county lines) I don’t no how deep of a situation he’s in as he doesn’t open up much anymore ☹️ My 12yr old daughter was recently sexual abused by her cousin on her father’s side, gut wrenching! And my 9yr old daughter has just been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, I nearly lost her, was in hospital with her for a week and so thankful for the nurses and staff at the hospital for all there amazing help, my daughter refuses to do any of her injections, to be done 4 times a day,I do her jabs sometimes without a tiring battle, diabetes has taken every last bit of happiness from her and I get the awful mood swings day and night. By the end of each night I’m exhausted, mostly emotionally drained, beaten down and not wanting the morning to come…ever!

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Hi, I am so sorry that you are going through these tough times. You must have so much strength to endure through all of this. I know I cannot help you through this physically but please know that I am here to listen to you about whatever you want to discuss/talk about. Just know that I’ll be here praying for you :)


Thank you for your reply. I feel I’ve no one to talk to. I’ve no family as was put into foster care and a very small circle of friends. It’s just me and my 4 children. I just don’t no how to make everything ok or where to start. Every day is becoming a struggle and I love my kids so so much but hating life more 😭


You have me! You can talk here to me, I will be sure to reply and be there for you…
I know these are tough times but I know for a fact that you are strong and that you can handle it and get through this! Take care love.


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