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I feel like it does not matter how old I get, I’m still so stupid and immature. For some reason, I feel like no one would ever like me, and would prefer to be with my friends. Honestly, I think that my friends are amazing human beings, a little bit shy but beautiful on the inside and outside. And I’m just an insecure girl, and on top of that shy and dumb. And I don’t know what do to in order to stop feeling this way.

I feel like I cannot talk about this with anyone. My friends are always saying that I’m nice and cute, but being nice is the bare minimum on a person, I really have no talents or anything that makes me different from others. So it’s really stressful and I feel like crying when I think about it, who likes a person that has no hobbies, talents or dreams? No one, not even I can like myself.

Anyway, thanks for reading!

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If feels so relatable reading the first para… No matter how old you gets… I honestly & completely feels you… I’m still immature & stupid. Who do stupid things. Who acts immature. Deep inside there’s always a kid who wanna do stupid things, stupid acts, who wanna live like a Kid, idk why I’m getting older and older with each day passing by… But yeah got you! I’m 21 btw.
(Not that old, but still much more than calling myself as kid) and also that Friends thing, my friends are amazing as well! And I love them. They bear all my kiddish things (not so happily tho)

Coming to the second para. I feel like I’m talented, because I am. Talented as in I’m smart, quick & intelligent, but obviously those are not talent, those are my hard work, but who knows?


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