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i feel like in my group of friends, I am the failure one cause I didnt get into my dream college school, didnt get the course I wanted, I feel like Im very ugly because no one notices me. IT just makes my self confidence go down and fuck feels like I dont wanna go out with them cause I feel like I am a failure when I am with them

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Simran @st1199


Comparing yourself with someone else will always lead to disappointment. Everyone has their own capability and you shouldnโ€™t judge yourself for that.

I am not too good in academics, an average student but I do excel in other things which Iโ€™ll pursue latter n my life. That is where Iโ€™ll outshine. But if I think that since my friends are ahead of me and why not me? You will never be satisfied with life nor will you see your true potential. The one thing which you are good at, is it necessary that they will also be good? And should they then compare it? Will it help them or you achieve anything in life?

However if your friends treat you this way then its high time you should let them go and if not, your friendship will be ruined because of your comparison. Everyone is good in their way and you need to take care of what you are good at rather than trying to gain what you are not good at (improving is always good but not at the cost of your mental health).

I hope it brings some positivity in your thinking! :)


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