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I feel like I’m on the edge like I dont care if I died this second because that would b a burden off of everyone shoulders… I’m tired of the looks the eyes the talk when will someone speak up n get help …I’ve done all I can told all I can now I’m just sitting back with a voice that is not wanted to b heard . I have scabies not your typical I even believe I’ve created my own to were the doc’s cant even see them but the symptoms are there been there a while I’m a black 25 yrs old female n I have had scabies since 2015

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Your life is so important girl! I am sure you’ve been a source of positive influence to so many lives. You’re not a burden, trust me! Instead it is the hardships of this life that make you feel like one. They tend to weigh on us so much that we feel like we are burdens, but we are not!
Your voice is heard! I hear you and I must tell you, you’re precious, your life is precious and you possess the ability to conquer so much in your life. You got this sweetheart! Praying for you and hoping happiness fills your life, hardships are replaced with ease and you experience the best of times soon! 💛


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