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Lia @leelia

I feel like im living for others and not myself. I want to start living MY life because it’s mine anyway. I didn’t realize untill i started thinking about it, the motive behind all “my dreams” and goals, It’s always so that i can hear words like “you did well” “congratulations” “I’m proud of you” I strive to hear that. I do things i don’t really want to do just for approval and i try to convince myself that i’m doing it for me but deep down i know that isn’t true. Everthing i want to do comes from me trying to make up for what i can’t be, it’s not something i really want. I want to do something that can make me happy because i did that not because other’s saw i did that, you know? A happiness that only i get to know about bc that’s all that matters only i have to be happy and no one else. But it’s really hard to stand up for oneself specially when you care so much about other’s and don’t tell me to stop doing so just pls someone tell me how can i do that cuz it seems impossible.

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Priya Wahi @priyawahi

No harm in trying or feeling that way.

One life, one you. Do what you feel like because atleast you will not have regret na that you didn’t try what I really wanted )


Your feelings are valid. there are so many questions I have for life but unfortunately, not all can be answered. This life your living was given to you and all the choices affect you mostly than any other person such as your family. Do something that you love no matter what because your family or friends won’t be the ones living your future they just will be the ones who will congratulate or be proud of you for accomplishing what they wanted you to be.
PS- I saw the cross on top of your message, to add to what I said praying and asking God to reveal to you what your purpose in life is also very important because if your doing something God has put you on earth to do everything else will follow such as happiness, blessing, etc.


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