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I feel like I´m going to break any time now, I think I have bottle these emotions for too long. Every time I feel like breaking or crying I hold it in, I hold my breath, and close my eyes tight…that helps me to keep it in and not cry. I have been doing that for some time now It is weird because it makes it way easier to hold those emotions in. The not-so-great thing is it doesn´t last long, I break down more easily but if I really try I make it not happen. so…so far so good.

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jay @jay12

Hey what happened?

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Pavitra @pavitra2211

hey…don’t hold ur emotion for a long. Sometimes bottling up emotions will burst out at the wrong time with the wrong ppl…I write down some of those emotions which is hard to explain to anyone…just try it out…it may or may not work…but do try once…
Take care…


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