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I feel like I really have nobody to talk to when I want to, people around me are always confusing me,…one time I feel like I can tell everything about me to them…the very next moment I feel like I overshared information with them because that’s how it feels

I really really feel like having that one person whom you can call anytime about absolutely anything …I am exhausted

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It’s because maybe you have a lot of things to talk and share but you only want it with specific people, that’s why it’s disturbing maybe


It’s alright. I can understand how you feel at times when there’s so much going on in your head and you want someone to just listen to you and not judge. You may not find those people but don’t be upset about it. You can start with writing your thoughts maybe if you like it. It helps to know yourself better too. Just pen it down. I do hope though that you get some good listeners in your life but till then try and be one for someone else. You know how it feels to be you so imagine you be that person for someone else? Wish you more kinder people in your life who are good listeners and hey you can anyway share your thoughts here anytime. :))

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