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Nidhi jha @hitmeup23

I feel like I have lost my skill to connect with people. Like i dont have much to offer now in terms of personality and it makes me insecure and not be confident.

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I had been facing the exact same problem but I feel it’s mostly because of the insecurity I have of people judging me. Try figuring out why you feel disconnected is it because you feel you are unwanted or the company itself doesn’t excite you anymore. In my case I always had these feeling that I am just there like it won’t make a difference if I am not here. Which is something I was assuming. Always had this thought that I am not a person people want to be around but that isn’t the case I changed my circle I know which conversation excite me, I have a circle where we talk and share without judgement and that has helped me a lot in regaining back the confidence a bit. Trust me we all think the other person is judging us but he isn’t even he is stuck in the same loop as us. So don’t think that you have nothing to offer, you carry energy a vibe with you and that is all you need just be present more with the people around and less with your thoughts of what judgement they have.

Nidhi jha @hitmeup23

I totally resonate with everything you say. I also feel the same way about whether people like being around me or not and at times i also know that i am being irrational and i have to put so much conscious efforts to not feel this way which is really tiring.

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Nidhi jha @hitmeup23

Thank you. I’ll do thag.

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