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I feel like i don’t know anyone and no one knows me anymore . I feel so empty and lonely it’s like nobody understands me . I used to think my friends will stay the same for my whole life but lately i started to feel distant im not communicating with anyone even the closest ones . I know they are busy doing their jobs or studying but we are in a quarantine so everyone is online . I passed to the next level literally im finishing a new show everyday !!! See how lonely i am ? . Even the person that’s constantly in my mind is confusing me sometimes he shows me that he’s into me by giving me hints but his actions don’t show that ! Im so bored with the same faces that I’m seeing everyday (my family and the me with pyjama and no make up face) im having new pimples every day im gaining some weight my mood is like a fucking shit ok great im starting to cry right now . Offff damn what should i do ? I know this is annoying but until when im staying like this ?

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Try to have some fun online like online games and exercise in your house you know the indoor type with carpet thingy or whatever. Don’t stress yourself too much. Try to divert your attention on things you never paid attention before.


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