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I feel like i don’t fit in my friend group. Like things would be so much easier without me. I have always been around people who are v nice and i am not trying to saying that these guys are not nice they are v nice people but then it’s v different. Or idk if im just being the sensitive one here. There are so many “you dont fit in” moments in a day and its pretty hurtful at this point idk what to do bc i hav to put up w them for 3 more years.

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Yk what everyone’s been there maybe they are nice but they are not your people, you feel left out cuz there’s no connection, try talking to few others, once you feel that connection and bond you’ll be good to go and tbh everyone has that feeling, it’s a group you can’t focus on everyone at the moment, people might ignore sometimes, sometimes others might get ignored, be mature and if still you feel there’s no connection, look for some other friend group where you fit in

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Radha @r108

The universe doesn’t provide us any ready made cooked food. It has given us the required ingredients, available in the nature, during a suitable climate, and a capable human brain to know how and when to cultivate it and get them together at the right time with the right techniques to prepare food for our living. Isn’t it? Every thing in life has the same kind of process. We will never be served ready food by our nature, except for the few ready to eat food products like fruits and few vegetables. But we need to grown them well with proper knowledge that should be gained and executed with physical hard work. That’s how we get the best when we put in the best. Our happy moments are also created similarly, with all ingredients readily available with us. First most we need to be kind by heart to start with. Who ever we connect with , may it be ourselves or any one else we need to be kind and spend some valuable time for them. Every thing comes after, moments can be created with good rather best people you connect in your life with , making time to spend time and cherish each other. Be there with all of them in good and bad times, call each other in regular intervals just to ask how are you, travel on adventure destinations to make the best memories. All these small small things are what make our life worth living. We can be our best friend and travel with ourself with no one else required too. Some times connect with unknown people too makes life joyous. It’s all about we deciding to make every moment spend with a company or self amazing. Do what you love and stay happy. This life has been gifted to us to create happy moments in any situation as long as we are alive and make it a worth life time, cause that’s all which stays. so start creating happy moments with all you have. You need nothing more.


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