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I feel like I don’t deserve love, and I can’t trust when someone is trying to show me love. I feel like a broken person. Why is this so hard to me to accept and wrap my head around? Why do I always assume people want to hurt me? I get so angry with myself for being so difficult, and having these difficulties.

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Don’t accept proposal very early nor deny very early. Take time to know about the person. Your partner should like you not only by your looks but also character, interest, behaviour, hobbies. Know eachother and eliminate your prejudice about persons. If you like things then go ahead. Every person aren’t to hurt you.


Every person,animals and even plants deserve love. You might find people who will want to hurt you but there are like billions of people in the world. Just leave those who you feel that they hurt you. Nobody is difficult trust me. Its like you will have to organise your thoughts and channelize the powers. You will be able to overcome situations very easily.


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