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I feel like, I am incompetent and not capable enough to achieve things career wise due to my anxiety as it is becoming a really big issue for me. Whenever I am being interviewed or put in a position to prove myself career wise, I fail. My nervousness make me forget things and I get black out, I really am not able to get out of it and I hate myself because of it that I have to put in so much effort to bring in that confidence in me, sometimes my formation of sentence also fucks up due to it. I have just faced rejection in my life and for once I cannot just taste the victory of competence. I don’t know what to do :))) | feel like dying because of it sometimes.

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anuj @anujvohra

Anxiety can make do things. Seek a counsellor if you think it’s distrubing you. Else do small things like during interview keep preparation in full, always remember that interview is never about u…it’s for the company and in your mind don’t take yourself seriously. Once u keep the pressure of yourself, things will change. It might take some time . Practice these scenarios in daily life basis like playing a random sport or talking to a stranger daily for 2 mins to gain confidence. Read newspaper to gain knowledge holistically.


Jisme sabse zyada weak ho usme sabse zyada kaam Karo, apne sabse weak area PE sabse zyada mehnat Karo and keep hustling, 100 baar reject hone ke baar Jo 101 par selection milega uski Khushi ka tumhe andaza bhi nahi hai abhi. So daro mat or aage badhte raho.


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